THE MAX Techno Song
Return of the Bass Killer Techno Song
Memoir Machina Experimental Song
Generic Dance Track Dance Song
Devastation Cinematic Song
~Entranced~ (2013) Trance Song
Olive Scribe (Preview) Miscellaneous Song
8 Easy Steps (Preview) Trance Song

2011 Submissions

All I need (Instrumental) Techno Song
The New Utopia Techno Song
4L0N3 Dubstep Song
Monolith 001 Techno Song
Megaman 6 Stage Select Video Game Loop
Pokey Means Business!!! Industrial Song
Metroid Brinstar Magnum Mix Trance Song
~Entranced~ Trance Song
Saturn Death Valley Techno Song
For Good Or For Awesome? Techno Song
Insomniac Hypnotist Trance Song
Earthbound-Paula's Prison Rock General Rock Song
Ddr B4u ~magnum Mix~ Dance Song
nonsense rap lil wayne parody Hip Hop - Modern Song
~Flatline~ General Rock Song
Robotnik upbeat mix Trance Song
for what i am Techno Song
Love Addict ~Phunk System mix~ Heavy Metal Song
Ice cap zone ~chill mix~ Trance Song
Sonic 3 final boss rock remix Video Game Song
Starman piano (re-made) Video Game Loop
Phantasmagoria General Rock Song
Dualize Miscellaneous Song
Starman Piano Video Game Loop
Pac-Man (final act mix) Techno Song
Magma Industrial Loop
Orchestra Of Chaos Classical Song
All your base (REmix) Techno Song